Fordham University

Fordham Reads Dante is back this Spring with talks by Dennis Looney (University of Pittsburgh), Richard Gyug (Fordham History emeritus), and Matthew McGowan (Fordham Classics). Please note that lectures will now take place at 6:30PM ET on Zoom. Up first is Inferno 24, presented by Dennis Looney, and read by Eugenio Refini (Italian, NYU) next Monday, February […]

The students in the MLL Anti-Racist Pedagogy Seminar [Vocab Diversity Initiative 3.0] invite you and your students to attend its Fall 2022 Workshop How to Have Tough Conversations: Embracing Discomfort Within the Classrooms Open to Faculty and Students, led by students. Nov 30, 2022 02:30- 4:00 PM Eastern Time Register in advance for this meeting: […]